On Being Independent

Wyrd’s Way is an independent merchant of wares, meaning we are not affiliated with amazon.com, CafePress, Zazzle, etc. We’ve chosen not to sell out our independence. While we are a “for-profit” company, we strive to do business with heathens and pagans as an independent entity promoting self-sustainability within the heathen faith community. In this regard, we call upon others to join with us in celebrating and supporting such independence.

Yes, we want you to buy from us, but we also want you to buy from other independent vendors. Major corporations are not necessarily the bane of our existence, but we feel that their control stifles creativity and true independence, as our ancestors enjoyed it.

Are we calling for any sort of boycott? No. We are asking that any who read this use their conscience in shopping. We are heathen-owned and operated, and we quietly and discreetly support many organizations within the greater heathen faith community. As an independent, we feel free to state that the works of the following are of a positive nature and effect on the community:

Asatru Folk Assembly

Vinland Tribal Alliance

Odinic Rite

The Troth

Asatru Alliance of Independent Kindreds

Nine Rings Publishing

There are probably many others, and we have chosen to list those whom we feel have the greatest impact.