Odinism: Present, Past and Future




Osred, 240 pages
Chapters: Our religious heritage. What is Odinism? Ancestor worship. Our earliest ancestors. The Indo-Europeans. Three lost Indo-European tribes. The nation of Odin. Religion, mythology, gods. Odin. “Pagan”, “heathen” and “cretin”. Odinist evolution. Odinist cosmology. The Odinist soul. Pagan afterlife. Clash of values. Rise of intolerance. Heathen victims of Christianity. æthelfrith. Destruction of the Saxons. Odinist vengeance. Fall of Scandinavia. þorgeir’terrible choice. Odinism on the Borders. Christian economic strategy. Odinism in Christian churches. Period of Dual Faith: Women. Period of Dual Faith: Chartres Cathedral. Folk customs: Yule. Anglo-Saxondom and cognitive dissonance. Proto-Odinists: Jefferson. Swinburne. Murray. Wagner. Australian “paganism”. Limits of proto-Odinism. Odinist pioneers: Rud Mills. Evelyn Price. Ann Lennon. Else Christensen. Alec Christensen.


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