Odinism: The Religion of Our Germanic Ancestors


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Nine essays on the Heathen Revival and the Return of the Age of Gods. This book advocates polytheism, family centered traditions, ancestor worship, tribalism, and service to the living Teutonic Gods. Kaldenberg’s Odinism: The Religion of Our Germanic Ancestors In the Modern World covers such topics as the role of women in the spread of tradition, culture, and technology in the ancient Northern European world, contemporary Heathen opinions, feelings, and attitudes towards Christians, Jews, Muslims, and other monotheists, how to prevent infighting within the Heathen community, the nature of our living Gods, the concept of separate realities, using Aelfin or elf-magic to connect with and bring forth the dead, how to write Odinic prayers, blessings, and rituals, how to devote oneself to our living Germanic Gods, and Odinic theology, philosophy, and moral principles.


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