Our Troth, Volume 1




Our Troth – Volume 1
Kveldulf Gundarsson, 584 pages
Our Troth is the single most comprehensive book available on the reborn religion of Heathenry — the pre-Christian religion of the Germanic peoples. First published in 1993 but out of print for years, Our Troth is back in print, featuring updates and additions from its original compiler, Kveldulf Gundarsson, and from many other Heathen writers, all edited by well-known author Diana L. Paxson. Volume 1 covers the history and lore of Heathen religion, from its deepest Stone Age roots to its flowering today, with information on the Gods, Goddesses, and other beings that receive honor and worship, and the ethics of being Heathen.
This book rate nine axes (out of nine) from the Grumpy Godi!


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