Runes: Theory and Practice




Runes: Theory andPractice
Galina Krasskova, 224 pages
Runes: Theory and Practice provides a thorough examination of the Norse runes. It will enable a beginner to delve effectively into their usage, but will also challenge the experienced rune-worker to better and deepen his or her understanding of these mysteries. Runes: Theory and Practice begins with an explication of the story of Odin, the Norse god who won the runes by sacrificing himself on the World Tree. It continues by examining each of the individual runes in turn, both the Elder Futhark and the lesser-known Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, studied not only from a historical viewpoint, but also from the perspective of a modern practitioner. You will be introduced to the practice of galdr, the proper way to sacrifice to the runes, as well as to their magical usage and the art of reading for divination.


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